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A Foodie’s love

Do you love trying new cuisines and dishes? Are your holiday tours to new destinations mostly food focused? If yes, then you might get tempted to head off on another trip after reading this post as we list down the most palette-pleasing cities from around the world.

Unarguably, food is for many people one of the main attractions when visiting a new destination. It tells tourists so much about the country’s culture, tradition and of course, about the people and their palette. You can only get the authentic taste of the traditional delicacies of different cities by going there. Some nations love spicy food, while others like to keep things simple and some like to make their food incredibly cheesy.

So, if you love eating good food then here are some of the best cities in the world that you must visit to treat your taste buds to mouth-watering traditional style delicacies….

    • Bologna, Italy

Nestled in Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy, Bologna is perhaps your best bet for tasting seasonal and authentic Italian food. Often, foodies who have been to Bologna say that the food there is insanely delicious and we couldn’t agree more because the culinary culture of Bologna is very rich.

One of the city’s most celebrated dishes is the green lasagne, which is made using fresh spinach pasta layered generously with Ragu sauce, parmigiano and béchamel. Even if you’ve tried it back home, we’d recommend you order it in Bologna because their version is simply the best and original.

Other must-try food delights include Tortellini al Brodo, and Tagliatelle al Ragu. The Tortellini dish is an iconic pasta dish that features small ring-shaped pasta, stuffed with meat and parmesan cheese.

Tagliatelle al Ragu is made with fresh egg pasta, served with a thick ragu of onions, veal, pork, carrots and tomatoes. The dish may be simple but is super delicious in taste and flavour. It becomes even more delectable when paired with a glass of classic Italian wine.

    • Tokyo, Japan

If you thought sushi is all there is to Japan, then you might want to visit Tokyo to taste the many amazing and scrumptious dishes they have to offer. In fact, did you know that Japan pretty much sets the standards for food preparation in the world? They prepare each dish with care and attention, resulting in the best flavours. In fact, the city is now better known as an eating capital featuring 234 restaurants that boast one Michelin star and sometimes even more.

Our recommendations for foodies in Tokyo includes ramen noodles, okonomiyaki and yakitori. Yakitori can be best described as grilled chicken skewers, being a traditional Japanese dish like sushi. It is cooked over charcoal grills that make the meat crispy from the outside and tender from within, and served with a savoury tare sauce.

Okonomiyaki is another popular Japanese dish that looks like pancakes but is savoury in taste. It is made from scallions, sliced pork belly, cabbage and flour, and is served with a sweet and salty sauce (made using soy sauce).

    • Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is on our foodies’ love list because of its wide selection of great tasting dishes that reflect cultural infusion at its finest. The city is a melting pot, which has pleasantly of course affected Turkey’s food scene. Menemen is definitely a must try and is a scrumptious omelette prepared in Turkish style. It includes roasted peppers and onions, which are thoroughly boiled with tomatoes and mixed with herbs, red pepper, and eggs. Besides this, kuyu kebabi or tandir is a favourite among the locals, making it also a must-try item. The dish got its name from the way it is cooked and Kuyu in Turkish means well done so the idea is to cook the male lamb without its organs over charcoal fire slowly but well done and once it’s cooked, it is a treat to eat. Another hot favourite is manti, which is often known as Turkish ravioli. It is a hot dish featuring dumplings and is served with garlic and cold yogurt. Eggs are often at times added to it to make it more flavoursome. If you happen to have a sweet tooth then we recommend you try kunefe, which is their traditional cheese pastry decorated with grounded pistachios. Also try baklava, which is a popular Turkish desert loved by both locals and tourists alike.

    • Paris, France

Eating in Paris is an experience that is second to none. The city has an impeccable gourmet reputation due to its amazing array of absolutely delicious cuisines, coupled with fine dining experience.

Dishes that every foodie must try in Paris include steak frites, which is a quintessential bistro dish made with grilled steak and topped with a delicious peppercorn or Bearnaise sauce and fresh, hand cut and double fried potatoes.

Apart from this, make sure to treat yourself to macarons. Paris is the birthplace of macarons and here you can find a variety of macarons that taste like eating cookies on a cloud. They are that yummy! Pierre Herme and Laudree are the best macaron shops in Paris. Another Paris delight is Cédric Grolet’s patisserie. It is mousse filled with timut pepper compote and mandarin with the outer shell made with cocoa butter. Also, don’t forget to dig in to a rum baba –a traditional French dense cake made with vanilla cream and rum dating back to the 18th century. It is a signature dish in several Parisian restaurants, and a must try for all foodies.