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Best Maldives Beaches for Couples

When you’re travelling with your partner, even the dullest places can hold a special spark for you. It is the effect of your company that lights up the darkest moments and adds a spark to the dull times. So when you have to plan a vacation for that special someone, it has to be at the best place possible.

With a bright ocean sprawled in front of you and the soft sand beneath your feet, a beach is the perfect place to relax and spent some romantic moments with your loved one. But not all beaches are made the same. That’s why most honeymooning couples head over to Maldives to enjoy each other’s company amidst the beautiful coral islands.

Maldives is one of the best romantic destination for couples. Whether you’ve just started your relationship or have been together for decades, the magic of the land is sure to bring out the right emotions in you.

Travel Deal Worldwide has brought to you a list of some spectacular Maldives beaches for honeymoon couples. Explore these beaches and choose the one that appeals to you and your partner.

Hulhumale’ Beach

Considered to be one of the best Maldives beaches for couples, Hulhumale’ Beach is a cost-effective option for couples. You can easily get a hotel around here for a fraction of the price that other island resorts charge so if you don’t want to spend much but still want quality, this is the place for you. The beach has clear blue waters and the white sand gives Hulhumale’ Beach an added charm.

Since this beach is located in a Muslim majority area, you’d have to be moderately dressed and observe local customs. You can enjoy water sports in the area and make some fond memories in the process.

Bikini Beach

If you don’t like the conservative policy of the Hulhumale’ Beach, you are definitely going to love Bikini Beach. This is the perfect Maldives beach for honeymoon couples who want to flaunt their body. You can enjoy the scenic views from the beach as you hold the hand of your loved one. Women can wear bikinis here so make sure you enjoy every moment of this opportunity. The beach spans over a large area and can give you a lot of privacy. So you can kiss and cuddle under the sun, and just enjoy each other’s company on one of the most beautiful Maldives beaches.

Vabbinfaru Island Beaches

Need to experience the magic of true romance in Maldives? Then Vabbinfaru Island Beaches is the right place for you. It’s not just the views that bring out the love in your eyes; it’s also the beautiful marine life that adds to the charm of the place. Beautiful corals surround the beaches and with a number of luxurious villas to make your stay more comfortable, you might never want to leave!

Romance isn’t the only theme that surrounds these beaches as you can enjoy a number of fun activities there. You can go snorkeling together or enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner under the stars so all these activities make the beaches even more charming. Make sure you give it a try and we can bet you’d fall in love with the fun and romance that Vabbinfaru Island Beaches offer.

Fulhadhoo Beach

When you want to spend some quality time at the beach together, there can be no better option than Fulhadhoo Beach. The place is far away from the bustling city and hence offers all the privacy you need. You won’t get any luxury at this spot but it is one of the places where you’ll love to spend time with your partner , all alone with the stars. You can only find some homely accommodations in the area but they do offer all the basic facilities a hotel can provide you. Enjoy the view of the setting sun as you cuddle up together.

Serene Bandos

Private beaches in Maldives have everything that you can wish for. They provide the best views and score the highest in privacy. Tropical escape haven, these private beaches have some of the most luxurious beaches in the Maldives and the resorts that are also too good to be true. You are definitely going to enjoy every moment that you spend on one of the most romantic Maldives beaches for honeymoon couples.

You can snorkel or fish at this beach or just enjoy a romantic stroll down the serene beach. You can even hire speedboats and take an exciting tour of the ocean.

So now that you have a great idea about some of the great Maldives beaches, make sure you incorporate them in your plans the next time you feel like spending some quality time with your loved one.

When you start to plan your trip to Maldives make sure it doesn’t fall between January and March. These months are the rain seasons for Maldives and hence you won’t be able to enjoy the place to your heart’s content. The beaches feel like heaven from December to April, since the rains slow down and even the humidity is low.

As long as you take care of these simple things, you’ll be able to get the best of your trip to Maldives. So get packing and relish every memory you make on the best Maldives beaches for couples. Have fun!