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Best Winter Travel Destinations

During the holiday season, some people just love to snuggle in their warm and toasty homes and enjoy great delights with their family; others simply enjoy doing the opposite. Many families want to make the most of the holiday season by flying away from their homes to explore and enjoy in a fun winter travel destination. If you too are planning a winter vacation but can’t decide where to go this year, then we’ll make it easy for you as we list down the best winter travel destinations in the world.

Here we go….

    • Paris, France

Take your holiday celebrations to the next level this year by visiting Paris, France. Paris is an ideal and chic way of welcoming the New Year. From picturesque streets to iconic monuments and shop fronts—everything is adorned in full with festive illuminations and looks absolutely fashionable. And needless to say, fashion is the city’s claim to fame.

Here you can shop for clothes and other items for yourself and your family. If the weather gets too chilly, you can quickly head indoors and enjoy exploring one of the many Parisian museums. One of the most iconic museums in Paris is the Louvre. It is the largest museum in the word and also the most visited. Did you know that 8.1 million people visited the Louvre museum in 2017? The museum is a masterpiece in itself and also features 35,000 works of arts and artefacts.

Another fun-filled activity to enjoy in Paris during the winter season is a visit to the catacombs. The Parisian Catacombs hold the remains of nearly 6 million people. It is a small tunnel network that is built to consolidate ancient stone mines in Paris. Since it is underground, it can get pretty cold down there so it is advisable to carry extra warm clothes.

Moreover, if you love winter sports then you are in for a treat as ice skating around Paris is absolutely free. Simply rent a pair of skates and enjoy skating at some of the best locations in Paris for free, such as at the base of the Montparnasse Skyscraper and in front of Hotel de Ville. And you can even take a trip up the Eiffel Tower. In fact, during winters it is much easier to go up predominantly because you don’t have to wait in long lines. The space is open giving you the perfect opportunity to take in the view without the crowds.

    • Harbin, China

One of the best winter travel destinations is most certainly Harbin, China. Every year this city has the world’s biggest winter festival in every sense of the word, such as biggest ice and snow sculptures, number of people, and record-breaking ice creations.

Here you and your family can have a fun time exploring massive ice structures like castles, slides, and of course, the record-breaking 31 metre high tallest ice tower ever built. The shape of the tower is inspired by the flounces of a flamenco dancer’s dress. The structure is a work of art and simply awe-inspiring.

Besides exploring massive icy structures, Harbin also offers tons of other activities for tourists to enjoy during winter, including sledding, and skiing. Yabuli Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski parks near Harbin.

If you plan on travelling with children, then don’t forget to visit the Siberian Tiger Park. It is located to the north of Sun Island Park in Harbin. Spreading over a million square meters in area, it is home to Siberian tigers and also serves as their breeding ground. There are nearly 800 Siberian tigers here that share their sanctuary with other big cats such as lions and pumas. Your children are going to have a great time looking at these cats for sure.

    • Calgary, Canada

Calgary is also one of the best winter travel destinations for all the right reasons. You can start your city tour by heading to the Calgary Tower, which is a top tourist attraction and recognised as the most iconic part of Calgary’s skyline. The tower is historic, built in 1968 and is nearly 191 metres high. The tower provides breath-taking city views that will make you fall in love with Calgary.

As Canada had several prohibition eras pertaining to alcohol sale, production and distribution, you can learn about it by going on a prohibition walking tour. These tours are 2½ hours long. At the end of the tour, tourists are taken to the bar at the Fairmont Palliser. At this bar, you can enjoy a unique and special cocktail.

For those of you who love music, history and architecture, Studio Bell is the place to visit. It is a national cultural institution that has been dedicated to music in Canada. It is a 160,000 square foot building that has been magnificently designed by Brad Cloepfil. This five-storey building features a wide variety of music exhibitions, giving you a fantastic opportunity to learn about famous Canadian musicians, and if you’re lucky you can also enjoy live demo performances from different artists.

Other activities to enjoy in winters in Calgary include ice hockey games and a visit to Banff National Park. Ice hockey is Canada’s favourite sport and is both action-packed and entertaining. You’ll enjoy every bit of it. Banff National Park, on the other hand, is definitely one of the star attractions in Calgary. Situated 15km from Lake Louise, it is the oldest national park that was built in 1885. From impressive lakeside retreats such as the Moraine Lake Lodge to snow-capped mountain peaks and world-class ski runs, Banff National Park is a place you can’t miss.