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Your travels can take you all over the world and you’d still remember the time you spent at each destination. Your travel memories can last you a long time and that’s the ultimate beauty of travelling. With your bags all packed and tickets in hand, you can feel the freedom as you whisk off to another corner of the world. And when you’re looking for something charming that is the perfect combo of tradition and
When life gets too busy we all need a getaway to relax and unwind. Just the thought of leaving the world behind us to enjoy the wonders of the world is enough to refresh the mind. But the cherry on the cake is when you get to enjoy the trip with your loved one. With your partner, you’ll get to experience the thrill of the adventure and a chance to fall in love again. It’s
That Europe tour you’ve been longing to go to is a tad bit more expensive than what you’d like. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the time of your life on your vacations. Here are tons of options that are still open. The world is big and there are plenty of places for you to explore. You might want to stay at the Ritz but your money won’t last long. You might want to eat
Prague has a certain magic to it and perhaps it’s time you experienced it all. The city offers numerous activities for fun during the day, but who said the fun ends after dark? Even as the sun sets on the city, the magic of the evening starts and the city opens its arms to anyone who wishes to experience these activities. From the most popular clubs where you can dance the night away, to the

December 9, 2019

Jakarta beaches to visit

Your travels can take to every corner of the Earth (or maybe not, if you believe Earth is round), but still nothing can beat the beauty of the ocean water glazed with the dimming light of the setting sun. That’s a view most people yearn to see and many relish it to the end of their days. There’s just something about the ocean that’s deeply relaxing and depressing at the same time. There’s a soothing