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December 9, 2019

Bosnia Tourism in winter

Who says winter holidays are not as fun as summer vacations? Well, if you can endure sub-zero temperatures and have no issues with short daylight hours, then consider packing your bags and going to Bosnia this year. Boasting a triangular-shaped landscape, Bosnia & Herzegovina is bordered on the west, south and north by Croatia, located to the east of Serbia and southeast of Montenegro and southwest of the Adriatic Sea. This is the place that
During the holiday season, some people just love to snuggle in their warm and toasty homes and enjoy great delights with their family; others simply enjoy doing the opposite. Many families want to make the most of the holiday season by flying away from their homes to explore and enjoy in a fun winter travel destination. If you too are planning a winter vacation but can’t decide where to go this year, then we’ll make
When you’re travelling with your partner, even the dullest places can hold a special spark for you. It is the effect of your company that lights up the darkest moments and adds a spark to the dull times. So when you have to plan a vacation for that special someone, it has to be at the best place possible. With a bright ocean sprawled in front of you and the soft sand beneath your feet,

December 9, 2019

A Foodie’s love

Do you love trying new cuisines and dishes? Are your holiday tours to new destinations mostly food focused? If yes, then you might get tempted to head off on another trip after reading this post as we list down the most palette-pleasing cities from around the world. Unarguably, food is for many people one of the main attractions when visiting a new destination. It tells tourists so much about the country’s culture, tradition and of

December 9, 2019

10 things to do in Prague

You’re off to Prague but have no idea what to do and which places to visit? We have your back! Read on! Prague equals many of the leading European cities in terms of beauty and history and has a great wealth of Bohemian art and stunning architecture to admire. Visitors come from around the world to experience its culture, walk across the 14th-century stone bridges, sit by the riverbank or trek to the hilltop castle.