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Bosnia Tourism in winter

Who says winter holidays are not as fun as summer vacations? Well, if you can endure sub-zero temperatures and have no issues with short daylight hours, then consider packing your bags and going to Bosnia this year.

Boasting a triangular-shaped landscape, Bosnia & Herzegovina is bordered on the west, south and north by Croatia, located to the east of Serbia and southeast of Montenegro and southwest of the Adriatic Sea.

This is the place that is historically rich, culturally diverse and incredibly adventurous. Simply put, it is the perfect place for tourists to have a great time indulging in fun-filled activities and exploring both different cultures and ancient history.

Bosnia has a history that goes beyond the times of a separate kingdom and Ottoman Empire. Even in the nineties, the country was going through a turbulent time but now the country is settled, it presents the perfect opportunity for both history buffs and adventure seekers to pay a visit and see all that Bosnia has to offer.

Things to Enjoy in Bosnia

Although Bosnia is a great place for tourists to visit and explore all year round, winter is hands-down the best time to visit and enjoy the winter snow conditions. It’s the most ideal time of the year for those tourists who love indulging in fun-filled and thrilling winter activities.

    • Olympic Skiing Mountains

In 1984, Bosnia hosted the Winter Olympics and even today you can visit the Olympic Mountains there including Igman, Bjelasnica, Vlasic and Jahorina. These mountains were fitted with equipment and adapted for winter sports offering a suitable and fun environment for tourists to engage in winter activities. Besides the arranged skiing trails, the area also features stunning hotels, resorts, cottages and sports facilities where people can stay overnight and enjoy a variety of activities such as ice-skating, winter mountaineering and sledding to name a few.

    • Home to Museums

Historically Bosnia remains unbeatable. The country has a rich history and therefore it is no surprise that it is often known as a home to museums. When the weather is too chilly and foggy outside, you can always visit these museums to not just escape from the cold but also get to know the country’s history.

The best places for historical experiences that are second to none include places like the National Museum, Galerija, the Gazi Husrev Bey Museum and the Museum of Crimes against Humanity & Genocide.

The Museum of Crimes against Humanity & Genocide displays personal belongings of victims from Bosnia’s wartime history. Furthermore, it also screens films about the war such as ‘City Under Siege’ and ‘Through Their Eyes’. These movies are about victims and witnesses of crimes who overcame their fears and testified in the courts. On the other hand, Galerija is the first memorial gallery/museum in the country that aims to preserve the Srebrenica tragedy and the memories of nearly 8,372 people who lost their lives tragically during the genocide.

    • Experience Snowshoeing like Never Before

Enjoy the unparalleled freedom of venturing into idyllic landscapes while snowshoeing in Bosnia. Snowshoeing is a fun activity that can be best explained as hiking over snowy terrain while wearing snowshoes. Bosnia offers some of the best trails in and across Europe for locals and tourists to enjoy snowshoeing in snow-covered pine forests, waterfalls and frozen lakes.

    • Discover Mostar

When in Bosnia, don’t forget to visit Mostar one of the finest and frequented attractions featuring quintessential architecture from the Ottoman Empire. The Stari Most is a famous UNESCO world heritage site with a large variety of markets, mosques, historic buildings and restaurants to enjoy great tasting food. Mostar should be on your “must visit” list.

    • Sutjeska National Park

Opened in 1963, the Sutjeska National Park is the oldest park in Bosnia and houses the only 2 remaining European primaeval forests. This National Park covers an area of nearly 17,500 hectares and features diverse wildlife such as deer, wolves, and bears. Furthermore, it also has nine trails which vary in difficulty from light treks to a 22 km gruelling slog. Another great attraction of the park is the gigantic socialist monument that commemorates Tito’s guerrillas who were defeated by the Nazis in 1943.

So, if you are looking for a fun and memorable holiday trip this winter, then you should look into taking a trip to Bosnia.