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FAQs - Flights

Your ATOL Certificate is proof the holiday or flight you have booked is protected by ATOL. It explains what protection you have and what to do if your travel business collapses. Keep it somewhere safe and take it on holiday so you know how to make an ATOL claim if you need to.

If you want to know where to check flights to a specific destination, go to our main page and select the flights tab.

UK and European law require travel businesses to financially protect their package holidays in the countries in which they are established. All our flights + accommodation packages are ATOL protected under the ATOL scheme.

ATOL is funded by travel businesses, which are required to pay a fee of £2.50 for each traveller. This is held in a fund managed by the Air Travel Trust which is used to refund, repatriate or reimburse travellers for the cost of repaying for the affected parts of their trip. This charge is not a tax on individuals or an insurance premium – the law requires travel businesses to pay it, not consumers. However, some travel companies choose to highlight the ATOL scheme cost by showing it separately on receipts and invoices.

Most airlines will issue a full purchase credit valid for up to one year for use on a future flight. Many have waived cancellation fees typically associated with this type of request. Policies vary by airline, so it’s best to check with your specific airline for their latest policies.

Most airlines are only offering a credit for tickets bought as non-refundable. The period during which you can use your credit varies by airline, so contact the airlines to get their latest policies. If you bought a fully refundable ticket, then you may receive a full refund.

Airline call centres are experiencing high call volumes during this crisis period, so you’ll likely experience long wait times. It could take several hours to speak with an agent. Airlines are prioritising calls for passengers flying within 24 to 72 hours, so if you have the flexibility, consider holding off on contacting your carrier until closer to your flight.

Yes, most airlines have directions on their websites to handle cancellations and changes online, to help counter high call volumes.

Whether you plan to call or visit an airline website to cancel or change your ticket, you’ll need the following to help expedite your modifications:
• Your six-character reservation confirmation code
• The dates of your travel
• Your flight numbers
• Your origin city
• And in some cases, you might also need a ticket number.

Each airline has its own policy. Many are allowing rebooking on future flights up to six months from the cancellation date, but it’s best to check your specific airline’s policies and procedures.

During normal operations, the airline will automatically rebook you on the next available flight. However, you might be able to cancel the reservation and receive a credit or a refund. Check your specific airline’s policies and procedures on their website.

No. If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, you’ll need to contact that travel agency online directly. Airline representatives are only able to assist with tickets that were purchased directly through the airline – whether through their telephone call centre, a city ticket centre, mobile app or their website. Like airlines, travel advisors and online travel agencies are receiving a high volume of calls, so visit the company’s website first to see if you can cancel or change your ticket online.

We have negotiated many different types of agreements with different airlines and the rules and restrictions for exchanges and cancellations vary greatly across them. When flight changes are allowed, airlines require that we collect a fee for the exchange plus any difference in fare when necessary. We must insist, however, that you do not book an itinerary for the exchange. Please be aware that all exchanges must be on itineraries provided by the same airline that issued the original ticket. In some cases, an airline may restrict or deny flight exchange requests within 7 days before departure Once you have decided on your new flight details, please contact our customer support team on 0800 488 0005 so that we can contact the airline. To speed up the exchange and rebooking process, before you contact us, please collate the following information:
• your old ticket and/or ticket or booking reference number
• the new itinerary you wish to book

Most airline tickets issued are non-refundable, and non-transferable. Name changes are not usually permitted but some allow a name change for an additional fee. However, you may be able to exchange your tickets for different dates. Penalty fees apply and not all tickets are changeable.

All flights booked through Travel Deals Worldwide are eligible for the Fly Now Pay Later scheme we offer, subject to soft credit check approvals. This scheme offers a range of phased instalment payment options including a 0% interest plan. To apply, view the details on our main website.

All holidays which include a flight element booked through Travel Deals Worldwide are eligible for the Fly Now Pay Later scheme, subject to soft credit check approvals. This scheme offers a range of phased instalment payment options including a 0% interest plan. To apply, view the details on our main website.

FAQs - Secured Flight Passenger Data

Secure Flight is a program of the United Kingdom Government that streamlines the security watch list matching process. By collecting passenger data, it provides additional security which improves the travel experience for all airline passengers.

When passengers travel, they are required to provide the following Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) when making any reservation:
• Full Name as it appears on the government-issued I.D with which you will be travelling
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Redress Number (if available)

  • • Identify known and suspected terrorists
    • Prevent individuals on the No-Fly List from boarding an aircraft
    • Subject individuals on the Selectee List to enhanced screening to determine if they are permitted to board an aircraft
    • Facilitate passenger air travel
    • Protect individuals’ privacy

ATOL is funded by travel businesses, which are required to pay a fee of £2.50 for each traveller. This is held in a fund managed by the Air Travel Trust which is used to refund, repatriate or reimburse travellers for the cost of repaying for the affected parts of their trip. This charge is not a tax on individuals or an insurance premium – the law requires travel businesses to pay it, not consumers. However, some travel companies choose to highlight the ATOL scheme cost by showing it separately on receipts and invoices.

It is to the passenger’s advantage to provide the required data elements as doing so may prevent delays or inconveniences at the airport which may differentiate you from individuals on the government watch list.

FAQs - E-Tickets and Fares

E-tickets are offered by many major airlines, permitting you to travel without a paper ticket and eliminating the worry of leaving your tickets behind. When they are available Travel Deals Worldwide offers you E-tickets. You will need to bring a government issued photo identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport) to the airport to validate your E-ticket. E-ticketed passengers must have a printed boarding pass in order to proceed directly through security for check in at the gate. Customers with check-in baggage or E-tickets who do not have printed boarding passes must go to the ticket counter prior to going through security checkpoints.

Airlines practice the marketing concept known as “yield management ,”where they sell as many seats as they can at the highest price they can get. It is impossible to pinpoint the cost of any single seat on any given flight. For example, some seats will be assigned special fares for corporate clients, while other seats will have been sold through a consolidator at a discount. Similarly, some fares may have been bought at a discount with frequent-flier award points or from a last-minute web special. With Travel Deals Worldwide, you will always be quoted the lowest fare available to us at that time.

Many airlines still require a paper ticket to be issued. It is dependent on many factors, including the destinations, airlines and if you have selected multiple airlines. Many international destinations require paper tickets. We will send you an email advising you if your tickets have been issued on paper.

All reservations must be made in the EXACT name of the person traveling – no nicknames. For international travel, the name on the reservation must be EXACTLY as it appears in the traveller’s passport

As airlines fill flights or change fares, our database immediately reflects those changes. Since the fares change frequently, we are unable to quote fares via email. Please call our customer support team on 0800 488 0005  

Many airports have made changes, especially those in countries where stay-in-place policies have been implemented. That means restaurants, lounges and shops might not be open or could have reduced hours. Some airports are restricting shuttle traffic as well. In general, plan for a drastically different experience than usual. Your best source to find the latest information on closures or delays is to visit your airport’s website directly. 

All requests submitted, even if availability displays are provided, are requests only. Any requests that cannot be confirmed will receive notification by email. When you make your reservation request, if an electronic ticket cannot be issued, a paper ticket will be issued instead. The only time a paper ticket will be issued is if an electronic ticket is not available.

Our customer support team will be able to assist you with booking infant travel. Infants are children under 2 years of age. Please note that while infants on laps usually ride for free on domestic flights, a fee is charged on most international flights.

Seated – A separate seat for the infant. You will be required to supply an infant car seat to ensure the infant’s safety. The car seat must meet airline specifications. Seats reserved for infants may be billed at special infant fares. Please check with the carrier for more information.

A separate seat for the infant. You will be required to supply an infant car seat to ensure the infant’s safety. The car seat must meet airline specifications. Seats reserved for infants may be billed at special infant fares. Please check with the carrier for more information.

Unless you have checked in online, all flights should be confirmed with the airline directly. We recommend that you do so at least 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights (72 hours for flights to international destinations).

1. Roundtrip means you will fly from one location to another, and then back to the first location.
2. One way means you will fly from one location to another and will not return to the first location.
3. Multiple destinations means you will visit several locations and therefore need to choose flights between each of those locations.

You will need to supply the number of travellers in each age category. You can include up to six travellers per trip.
1. Seniors are travellers ages 65 and older. Fares may not be discounted on all flights.
2. Adults are travellers aged 18 through 64.
3. Young adults are travellers aged 12 through 18.
4. Children are travellers aged 2 through 12. Although most airlines charge full fares to children older than 11.
5. Infants are children under 2 years of age. For infant ticket options please contact our customer support team on 0800 488 0005 to book flights travelling with infants.
Lap — Adults travelling in your party may hold the infant(s) throughout the flight. Please note that while infants on laps usually travel for free on domestic flights, a fee is charged on most international flights.
Seated — a separate seat for the infant. You will be required to supply an infant car seat to ensure the infant’s safety. The car seat must meet airline specifications. Seats reserved for infants may be billed at special infant fares. Please check with the carrier for more information.

Many airlines welcome unaccompanied minors on their flights and you should call the airline to discuss its policies and services.
Here are some general guidelines about unaccompanied minors:
1. Whilst an airline may allow unaccompanied minor to travel over a certain age, you need the check the laws of the destination country as they differ. Some airlines also allow travellers over the age of 12 years of age but some countries do not permit young travellers to travel alone under the age of 16.
2. Minors who are old enough (approximately ages 5-17*) can usually fly on non-stop, direct, or connecting flights, but usually are not accepted on the last connecting flight of the day. The age depends on the airline’s policies, so please check with the airline.
3. Many airlines provide (or require) supervision service for minors from the time of boarding until the time the minor is met at the final destination. This is called unaccompanied minor service. Minors must be approved by the airline for this service.
4. Younger children (under the age of 5) are often not eligible for unaccompanied minor service and must be accompanied on the same flight and in the same compartment by an older passenger (typically 15 years or older).
5. Unaccompanied minor service is often mandatory for children ages 5-14*, but optional for teenagers (ages 15-17). Age requirements depend on which airline they fly.
6. A fee is usually charged at check-in for unaccompanied minor service. Expect to pay £30 or more each way.
7. With unaccompanied minor service, the airline will usually want to know who is meeting the minor at the destination. Proof of identification for the receiving adult is often required. Forgetting this required identification can cause unpleasant delays so make sure you know the airline’s expectations.
8. Reservations usually need to be confirmed for all segments of the minor’s flight. Standby reservations are not allowed on any leg of the trip.
9. Again, please call the airline prior to purchasing tickets and inquire about unaccompanied minors. Please note: Travel Deals Worldwide does not allow internet bookings for unaccompanied minors under 15 years of age.

In addition to Coach/Economy class seating, many flights offer Business, and/or First Class seating. Please note that the following descriptions are generalisations; some airlines may use different names to describe their classes of service.
Coach/Economy class is seating in the main cabin area. These seats are usually the least expensive seats.
Business class seating (when available) tends to feature roomier seats that recline further, have more leg room and upgraded meal service. Business class tickets cost more than Coach/Economy but less than First Class.
First class seating is usually in the cabin area nearest the front of the aircraft. It has the fewest and most comfortable seats and offers upgraded meals. Other perks can include shorter lines at check-in and use of the airline’s airport business lounge. First Class fares are almost always the most expensive and are not available on all aircraft.

• Nonstop flights only – Check this box if you want to see fares only for flights that do not stop or change planes at one or more airports before you reach your final destination.
• No plane change flights – These flights may have up to 2 landings and departures not disclosed upon booking. No change of planes.
• Connecting flights – These flights may have one or more landing and departure locations. Passengers will have to disembark the plane and re-board another flight.

If your paper airline tickets are lost or stolen, please call our customer support team immediately on 0800 488 0005. Our representatives will assist you in filing a lost ticket application.
In most cases, the airlines require you to purchase replacement tickets at “today’s“ fare. If your original tickets are not used after a designated period of time—generally 3 to 4 months, depending on the airline—you will receive a credit for the purchase price of the replacement tickets, less the application fee. This fee varies by airline but is typically £100 per traveller. Please note that these policies and fees are subject to change at any time. Each airline has its own rules and policies for issuing replacement tickets.
Please note: Travel Deals Worldwide is bound by individual airline rules and policies.

The availability and/or price of the flight you selected has changed. While we provide the most up to date technology for our users to search available flights, ultimately the airlines reserve the right to modify their flights at any time and no fare is guaranteed until ticketed.

Your billing address must match exactly with what is listed on your bank records. Please contact your bank and verify the information they have is current. Then try to rebook your flight again. If you are still unable to book your flight, please call our customer support team on 0800 488 0005.

You may select your seat assignments directly online. From the home page click on “check my booking“. Enter your email address or name to locate your flight schedule. Once the flight page is open, select “request seat“ directly under each flight number. If pre-assigned seating is available a seat map will appear.
If you are unable to assign seats yourself, please call our customer support team at 0800 488 0005. Some airlines are now charging for seat assignments and many airlines restrict pre-assigned seats. Bulk Head and Emergency Exit row seating are controlled by the airlines and cannot be pre-assigned. These seats may be blocked by the airline and held for check-in at the airport on day of departure.

Infants are children under 2 years of age. Infants on laps usually ride for free on domestic flights and a fee is charged on most international flights. Child fares are for children between the ages of 2-11. If we have a Child Fare available for your trip, we will display the discounted rate. The ages of Child/Infants are based on their age at the time of travel, not when booking.

If there is anything that is not covered within these FAQs, our professional customer support team are always here to help you. If you need to speak with a travel consultant call us 0800 488 0005.

Yes. Just click on the multi cities button and fill in your flight information there.

The search results page will list the base fare amount for each flight option. Taxes and fees can be displayed on the search results page by clicking the taxes link located under the base fare. The total cost, including an exact break down of taxes and fees will also be displayed if you select Book to complete the purchase process.

Airline regulations prohibit holding reservations. Our discounted low fares require immediate purchase.

You can book up to 9 passengers in one reservation. If you have more than 9 travellers, the airlines consider this a group and special arrangements must be made. For groups of 10 or more, please contact our customer support team on 0800 488 0005 and our team will be happy to assist you.

Service fees for booking through our customer support team may be higher than those charged for bookings made online. These service fees range from £20 to £200 per passenger depending on the booking complexity.

FAQs - Car Hire

All on-line bookings of car rental services will generate a confirmation number assigned by the car rental company Please take a copy of your booking confirmation email with you at the time of check in. We do not issue vouchers to confirm car rental reservations.

Most car rental companies have a minimum age of 25 or above to rent a car. There are some exceptions, but the renter will usually be required to pay a surcharge. In Europe, foreign driver restrictions vary from country to country. Drivers need to be a minimum of 18 years of age in most countries and have a valid UK driving license. Please check the official website of the rental company. These sites generally have age restrictions posted there as well as information regarding seat belt laws, child seat requirements and speed limits. Rules may change due to Brexit.

A credit card is generally required to secure a car. Many car rental companies will not accept a debit card, cash for payment or a 3rd party credit card as payment. Check with the individual car company for their policies. All rates are quoted and guaranteed at the time of booking.

You should print your online confirmation from us. This confirmation number from the car rental company is all that is needed, other than a valid driver’s license and a valid credit card. Some car rental companies may also require a good driving record as a pre-requisite to rent a car and proof of insurance. They may check this at the time of rental when the actual rental agreement is completed.

If you rent a car whilst fully insurance cover is in place and the car is damaged due to collision, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, flood or any cause not within your control, the Insurance Company will pay the lesser of the following:
• the cost of repairs and rental charges imposed by the rental company while the car is being repaired
• the actual cash value of the car, meaning purchase price less depreciation
• the amount shown on the confirmation of coverage. Other restrictions may apply.
Travel Deals Worldwide recommends taking a copy of the policy coverage along with you to the rental car company.

FAQs - Hotels

Yes. You can add a guest to the same hotel room by calling our customer support team on 0800 488 0005. Please note there may be a charge for additional guests. If you need to book an additional room for the guest, you may do so online as a new reservation.

This will depend on the payment terms of the hotel booking. If you book directly with us, the price we quote you is in GB£. If the payment is due at the time of arrival at the hotel, then currency exchange fluctuations may apply. Currency conversions are based on approximate exchange rates at the time of booking and should be used for an approximate guide only.

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club. Your current billing address and phone information must be included with every order.

If your hotel was a pre-paid reservation, a voucher will be generated and will be sent to you by email. For all other bookings, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your reservation.

Many pre-paid hotels are non-refundable and the bookings cannot be cancelled or changed. Where hotel bookings can be changed or cancelled, we will apply an administration fee of £35. You may also be subject to penalties and fees from the hotel. Travel Deals Worldwide advise you to verify all hotel rules on your pre-paid reservation.

If you have made a pre-paid hotel reservation, your credit card will be charged at the time of booking and includes most taxes and fees. Any additional costs such as meals, laundry, telephone, parking and resort fees are not included in your reservation rate.
For non pre-paid bookings, payment is made at the time of check-out. Some hotels require a one-night deposit charged at the time of booking. Local and state taxes, fees and any additional costs incurred by you are not included in the quoted rate unless stated.

Make sure you have either your booking number or hotel voucher. If you were required to provide credit card details at the time of booking, the reservation is guaranteed by the hotel. If a hotel overbooks, as they do on occasions, and you have a guaranteed reservation, the hotel is obligated to find you a comparable hotel and free transportation to this hotel.

Prepaid reservations are charged at the time of booking to your credit card. The full base amount (room only), will be charged at the time you make the booking. Individual hotels collect payment for the additional daily room tax, resort fees and cleaning fees, which may be accrued on a daily basis. They may also charge for incidentals such as meals, movies, games, wet bar, parking and phone calls. These are reservations that must be prepaid because they are discounted rooms. Rates are only guaranteed at the time of booking. All hotels will require a credit card in one of the guests’ name upon check in.

Actual guest names will not be made available to the hotel until 48-72 hours prior to arrival depending on whether the hotel is a pre-paid or non pre-paid hotel. If you have questions about your booking, please contact our customer support team on 0800 488 0005.

Hotels can change their pet acceptance policies often and without notice. It is very important that you confirm directly with the property whether or not they accept pets. Traveldealsworldwide accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for an individual property’s pet policy. You must call the hotel directly to confirm pet policies, including pet restrictions on breeds.

No refunds or credits are available for unused hotel nights.

Each hotel has its own policy based on local laws. Many hotels require the guest be over 21 years of age or older to stay at the hotel although age limitations differ between countries. Travel Deals Worldwide recommend checking directly with the hotel for their age restriction policy.

Specific rooms cannot be reserved usually. The location of the room is only available if offered during the booking process. You can often make a request for a specific room or type of room but cannot be guaranteed. If bedding type selection is available, it is only available at the time of booking. All special requests are at the discretion of the hotel management.

Changes to dates, reduction in rooms, guests name or any other amendments are subject to fees based on the hotel’s policy. Not all hotels allow changes. Travel Deals Worldwide will apply an administration fee of £35 for any changes to a reservation.

Hotels are typically rated according to their quality. This quality is measured by the facilities and amenities provided by the hotel. Factors such as room size, additional amenities, view, ease of access, food, entertainment, spas, fitness centres and locations are all considered in the classification of hotels.
There is however no global system to classify hotels and instead there are a wide variety of classification schemes around the world since various travel organisations, travel and tourism websites, and governments of different countries have their own rating systems. Nevertheless, most of these rating systems tend to be similar.
When you look at the ratings of a hotel, it is important to know that the rating may imply the reviewer’s opinion of the hotel, but not the actual quality of the hotel. For example, one reviewer could rate a hotel five star while another could rate the same hotel a four star.

FAQs - Billing and Payments

When a reservation is cancelled on the same day it was booked, the airline has not charged you until it is ticketed. Any pending charges you may have seen would have been a “pending hold“ for verification.
If the airline rules allow you to cancel a booking the day after your booking was made, funds for the airline portion of the booking will be refunded to you within 7 – 14 business days. This will depend upon the airline(s) and your banking institutions policies.
Any refunds requested by you after 48-hours from the time of booking, are based solely upon the airline(s) rules. If approved, the refund will be processed and can take between 30-60 days. In some exceptional cases refunds may take longer than originally anticipated.

These refunds are typically for seat assignment requests that could not be fulfilled by the airline or during a quality check if we detected an overcharge. This refund does not affect your airline ticket purchase.

This occurs when multiple airlines or passengers are booked on a reservation. You will see a charge for each ticket processed separately. Any service fees, taxes or additional services may also show as separate charges with the description of airline/taxes and fees. When added together these amounts should total the amount you were quoted.

In this case, you should contact your bank or card provider and confirm with them whether the charges in question have been posted or are pending to your account. At the time of reservation a “pending charge“ is placed on your account for the full amount. The bank/credit card company then puts a “hold“ on that amount, until the transaction either posts or is cleared.
With a successful transaction, the charge will typically post to the account within 2-3 business days, at that time the money will be deducted from your account, and the “hold“ will be released. At times, the “pending hold” can show on your account after the charge has posted. Please allow time for the “pending hold“ to return to your available credit.
Please note: Your initial quote may not include seat charges, insurance or any additional services requested. These services are charged at the time they are selected and will increase the total cost of your trip. Posted charges may appear in multiple transactions which should total to the amount you were quoted.

Please sign into your account and select the appropriate option for bookings to view your booking status and details. You will be able to view all of your bookings.
In case you do not find any results for your search, please contact our customer support team on 0800 488 0005.
Only where requested, please re-confirm your reservation at least 48-72 hours prior to departure with the airline(s) directly.

Unless otherwise specified, all prices are displayed in UK Pounds and all charges made are in UK pounds. If you are using a non-UK debit or credit card, you should check with your bank for details on currency conversion charges. Your non-UK debit and credit cards may charge you a fee for processing purchases made in UK Pounds.

FAQs - Passports, Visas and Health

Validity refers to the amount of time before a travel document expires. Duration refers to the maximum stay in a country that is permitted on a visa. For example, a Brazilian multiple entry visa may have a validity of five years, however, the maximum duration of stay at any one time is 90 days.

An Australian ETA is equivalent to a visa, but there is no stamp or label in your passport and there is no need for you to visit an Australian diplomatic office to submit an application. U.S., Canadian citizens and about 25 other nationalities can take advantage of Australia’s new use of technology for immigration clearances.

Yes. For most countries, a passport needs to be submitted so the visa may be stamped on one of the blank visa pages. You may also need to submit 1-2 current passport photos.

In order to get a visa, most countries require that your passport is valid for at least 6 months past your scheduled return to the UK. If you are getting a multiple entry visa, and your passport is set to expire soon, you should consider getting your passport renewed first, since most visas in your passport are no longer valid once your passport has expired.

Yes. Each traveller needs their own passport regardless of age.

You will have to apply for a name change amendment in your current passport under your new name.

You will have to apply for a name change amendment in your current passport under your new name.

This is a unique number the UK Home Office (HMHO) assigns to a passenger who have been previously identified for screening at the airports. For more information on the redress process, visit www.dhs.gov/trip.

The name you provide when booking your travel is used to perform the watch list matching before a boarding pass is ever issued. You should ensure that the name provided when booking your travel matches the government ID that you will use when travelling.
Due to differences in boarding pass systems, boarding passes may not always display the exact name you provided when booking your travel. Differences such as the use of a middle initial instead of a full middle name or no middle name/initial at all, hyphens or apostrophes) should not cause a problem for the passenger.

There is much debate in the travel industry and by travel experts on travelling in the COVID-19 era but the best course of action is to expect the unexpected.
What is clear is that we are in it for the long haul and changes are occurring daily which will alter how and the way we travel.
A few key changes however are starting to appear and these are covered below. What is important to bear in mind is that whilst spikes and second phases are a reality, there are no set rules by airlines and tour operators so the second best course of action is to keep yourself updated with the latest travel news.
Costs will change; the pricing of flights is likely to be different from what we are used to. Some airlines are currently providing some really inexpensive flights at the moment, especially in the US where airlines are running empty planes. Others are ramping up their costs to help them regain some of their losses from the Covid lockdown period but it is expected that most airlines will be conservative about the number of planes they bring back into service. The number of seats available on a flight will also affect the airlines and so prices are likely to rise.
Face masks will be mandatory: Masks, even non-medical ones, help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 to those nearby so expect the use of masks as mandatory when boarding an aircraft.
Passenger testing: It is likely that all passengers will be tested so don’t expect to be able to board a plane if you’re showing a fever or displaying any of the common symptoms of COVID-19. Some airlines may be required to check passengers even more thoroughly. The Dubai Health Authority has already been conducting rapid COVID-19 blood tests on Emirates passengers at check-in and the results of the tests are returned in ten minutes.
Changes in quarantine rules: We have already witnessed changes to quarantine rules between countries so do not be surprised if the rules change more frequently as the spread of Covid-19 changes its pattern. As unpleasant as it sounds, be prepared to be quarantined as many countries have been implementing a two-week quarantine period for arrivals.
Increased documentation: Airlines and/or governments are starting to require new documentation from travellers so expect to complete inbound documents with details of where you are staying, where you have been as well as full contact information.
So if you plan on travelling abroad in the near future, be well informed, well prepared and tolerant to the rules and regulations which are ultimately imposed for passenger safety.

FAQs - Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a safety policy for you that you can purchase which helps you protect you and your travel costs in case of unplanned events that negatively impact your travel plans.
It is highly recommended that every traveller purchases travel insurance before they embark on their trip as once an event has occurred, such as personal or family illness, severe weather conditions or acts of terrorism they cannot purchase a plan retrospectively to cover such events.
Travel insurance is available for a wide variety of events such as delays or cancellations of your trip, some baggage loss and medical emergencies or evacuation services.

As at June 2020, travel insurance for a single, week-long trip starts from as little as £5 for a trip to Europe (or £13 for a trip to America); cover for multiple trips throughout the year starts from around £9 if you are only going to Europe (or £21 if you need worldwide cover). Note that prices are often higher for older travellers or if you require worldwide or USA cover and for families.
The cost of travel insurance varies across providers and costs are dependent on a number of factors such as the number of trips in a year, number of people travelling, ages of the travellers, destination and the level of cover required.
If you are planning to make 2 or more trips a year, a multi-trip policy is often more cost effective than a single trip. On average annual, multi-trip travel insurance policies cost just under twice the price of single trip travel insurance in the UK. For example, to buy a budget plan covering America, UK citizens would pay around £12.80 for a single-trip policy to cover a one-week trip or £21 for an annual multi-trip policy.

Firstly, determine whether you need a single trip or multi-trip policy. Then the level of travel insurance you need will depend greatly on your destination. Medical costs for example, vary significantly between countries so ensure your travel insurance cover is sufficient to cover these costs.

FAQs - General

Once your journey has commenced, it is advisable to get in touch with the airline or service provider/hotel concierge in the city/country where you are located.

We are a member of Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL) and the Travel Network Group (TTNG), both widely recognised and reputable travel organisations in the UK and Internationally.