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Sweden Tourism – Travelling on a Budget

Nothing can ever calm down your wanderlust. It is your dream of travelling the world that dominates your life and the life of many others who want to experience the world on their own. Many people spend their lives saving every penny just so they can splash out on their dream vacation. Whist this is a great dream to have, why waste all your hard-earned money when you can easily explore your dream destination on a budget.

Sweden’s tourism market is booming and there’s a good reason behind it. Tourists can get the best of their trip without breaking their budget. Travelling within Sweden isn’t an impossible task , there are numerous cheap things to do there and all of them are aimed at making your trip one of your best memories.

So even though you wouldn’t get to dine at the most expensive restaurants or shop at high-end brands, there’s nothing that can stop you from making your trip to Sweden a raging success. Here is our Travel Deals Worldwide list which will help you to get the best out of Sweden tourism.

Northern Lights

The most spectacular natural phenomenon that is definitely going to be your best memory from the trip. Witnessing this amazing sight is already in the bucket list of many tourists and that’s why Sweden is the best place to experience this. When you visit the city in winter, you can easily witness the natural lights spreading their magic on the cloudless sky.

The magnificent Aurora Borealis is a spectacular sight that can give that magical touch to your trip. Just head over to the Abisko National park, 2 kms north of Kiruna. This is one of the best places to enjoy the spectacular light show in the sky and when you’re away from the cities, you also escape the air pollution that’s prevalent in busy cities. With the skies clear of smoke and pollution, you can see right through the clouds and marvel at the universe. Another treat for you is the dog sledding trips that are available at the park. You can enjoy this cheap entertainment and cut through the darkness of the night on these dog sleds as they carry you through wilderness, under the starry skies.


Travelling Sweden on a budget can also be a tiring experience. After all the sightseeing and exploring of the wilderness, you’ll need to relax and what better way than enjoying a sauna. Traditionally, the Swedes themselves opt for a sauna (bastu) before swimming in a lake or even before playing in the snow. They even go for a sauna after the fun activities are over and thus it becomes a cycle. There are many lakes and swimming areas in the country that also provide sauna facilities for the public.

Saunas are a major part of the country’s culture and pretty much available everywhere. So you can either go to the ones that are offered free or opt for others that can be rented at cheap rates. Whilst you’re travelling in Sweden, this is one of the most relaxing and cheaper things to do.

Gamla Stan

What’s the use of your trip to Stockholm if you don’t wander the streets of its old town, Gamla Stan? This will be one of the most exciting parts of your trip as you walk down cobbled streets and be transported back in time. The old town is a great addition on your itinerary if you are travelling Sweden on a budget and there are many winding streets with cafes around every corner as well as the numerous quaint shops that offer souvenirs to take back home.

With a charm that’s hard to find anywhere else in the city, Gamla Stan is the center of culture and tradition in the country and if you are a fan of art, then you’ve just struck gold. You can explore the Nobel Museum and marvel at the breathtaking Stockholm Cathedral.


Swedish tourism flourishes because of the picturesque natural features of the country. And one of the most marvelous sceneries is the Archipelago. Just a few minutes from Stockholm, Archipelago is made up of 30,000 islands. If you look around, you’ll be mesmerized by the sights that play out in front of you with the clear sky and distant sunlight.

You can enjoy the fantastic marine life in the area and even camp on some of the islands. Experience the wildlife and spend one of the most splendid times of your life in Sweden. Since there are so many islands in the area, you can even find some that are completely uninhabited.
Sweden is a big country and hence you might find yourself spending a lot of time travelling so in order to get the most of your trip to the country, make sure you plan the trip well. With a well-planned itinerary, you can experience the best of Swedish tourism and by travelling Sweden on a budget, you can also save your hard earned money.

So make these cheap things to do in Sweden a part of your bucket list and enjoy the experience!