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Tips to travel on a budget

When wanderlust is a part of your soul, there’s no use denying yourself the luxury of travelling. People throughout the world yearn to spread their wings and fly away to their dream destination. It’s the constant urge of travelling, experiencing new cultures and visiting new sites that is a driving force in many people. So when your spirit is destined to be free, why let money stop you? Many people might be wondering how to travel on a budget but it’s not as hard as you think if you know some of the tricks that help to travel cheaply and that’s all about to change!. The following list of tips provides useful advice on how to travel on a budget to help you quench your thirst for adventure.
    • Couchsurfing
Need to save money on accommodation? There’s an easy way to do that. Thousands of travellers use the services of the site couchsurfing ( . There are over 400,000 hosts around the world that are ready to welcome you into their home. They are happy to allow you to crash on their couch, a mattress, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a guest room all to yourself. All you need to do to check out availability and locations is to create a profile on the site, connect with a host in your desired location and you’ll be good to go. Couchsurfing There’s a certain appeal to this option as by staying with a local family, you’ll get to experience real local life and become familiar with the surroundings. Ultimately you stand to save lots of money that you would have otherwise spent on other types of accommodation. Although you don’t have to pay the host, there are numerous ways you can pay them back for their kindness. You can opt to cook or clean for them and that’ll look well on your site profile. So the next time you decide to couchsurf, check out all the great host families!
    • Explore the Less Explored
Explore the Less ExploredIt’s generally understood that when travelling to tourist hotspots, you will pay more than less popular destinations. People flock to places like Paris, Dubai, or Turkey and the increased demand of these tourist places is what can break your budget. Instead, opt for less explored places like Cambodia, India or similar destinations.  
    • Travel during Low Peak Season
Travel during Low Peak Season You can save a ton of money by following this simple tip. If you want to travel cheaply, make sure you visit a place in low season. Since almost all destinations have a high peak season when everything is expensive, visiting them in the low season can often make a significant difference to you. Another advantage is that you won’t have to deal with crowds, accommodations are easy to find and everything is a little bit cheaper.  
    • Linger Longer
Linger LongerYou might be tempted to go the express way and travel to different locations in quick succession. Not only does this practice spoil some of the fun of travelling but it’s also a great way to waste your money. Getting tickets and arranging accommodations at the last minute can end up costing you a fortune. You can easily avoid this hassle if you stay at a place for a longer period of time. Take your time to explore the area, get familiar with the terrain, interact with the locals and get the best out of your travels. In the meantime, you can save money by doing odd jobs and ultimately save for your next trip.  
    • Ditch the Airfare
Ditch the Airfare Though airfares have become quite cheap with the emergence of low cost airline sites, it can still be the most expensive cost to your budget. Want to double the fun and save some money along the way? Try making the trip by road or boat. If you have to travel to a nearby destination, airplane tickets can often end up costing more. Taking trips by road or boat can save money and it’s also a great way of exploring as you travel on a budget.  
    • Get ready for some Discomfort
Get ready for some DiscomfortWhen travelling on a tight budget, you might have to experience some discomfort. If you want to save money on expensive accommodation and you decide to couchsurf, don’t expect the comforts of a 5* hotel. The chances are that you will have to compromise on comfort and quality but when you’re travelling on a budget, this is to be expected. Just focus on the great aspects of your travel and relish the joy ride.  
    • Eat with the Locals
Eat with the Locals If you are tempted to go down to that fancy restaurant and expect to order your usual home food, you need to stop as this can cost you some serious money. A lunch at a fancy restaurant won’t break your budget but keeping up this tradition over time will surely make a dent in your finances. If you want to travel cheaply and save money for your next destination, it’s usually more cost effective to eat where the locals eat.  
    • Travel Light
Travel LightNeed to save money on extra luggage fees? The secret is to travel light and just take the essentials with you. This can help prevent you from the hassle of lugging around heavy luggage and when you travel light, you have the option of moving on a whim. With not much luggage, you stand to save on air fares so just pack a bag and get started on your travels. Less hassle, more enjoyment!  
    • Take the Bus
Take the Bus Taxis are generally quite expensive all over the world so travelling by bus is a better option. Also, the journey allows you to explore the area and interact with the locals. So there you have it. If you too have been wondering how to travel on a budget, these tips will help you keep your budget in check. Keep travelling, keep exploring and feed your soul!