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Travelling Solo: The Joys

Are you are tired of your busy work life? Thinking of going on a getaway holiday trip to your dream destination? Not sure whether you should go alone this time or ask a friend to come along? Wish you could travel solo because last time you went with friends, you couldn’t shop or visit sites that you wanted to because they didn’t agree? Well, then this post is a must read for you as we share with you the joys of travelling solo. After reading this post we are confident that you’ll get the wee bit of confidence that you need to pack your bags, book a ticket and take a flight to your favourite destination, solo and stress-free.

Unarguably visiting a new country where people don’t speak your language and you don’t understand them can be intimidating, but when weighed against the amazing benefits of exploring a new place on your own is as fun, enjoyable and exciting as it can be. Let’s just say it is an experience that you’ll want to indulge in over and over again.

    • You Get the Freedom to Set Your Own Itinerary

Usually when you’re travelling with others such as friends and family, you need to plan the itinerary together keeping in consideration the preferences of all your travel companions. And because of this you may sometimes be dragged to places that you don’t want to go and vice versa.

However, travelling solo spares you from this experience as you get the freedom to set your own schedule. You have complete freedom to decide where you want to go, what you want to see and when. It’s a totally liberating experience.

If you enjoy exploring archaeological sites, then you can most certainly enjoy this activity without worrying about your companions being bored.

    • Explore Peacefully Because Time is on Your Side

When you are setting the travel schedule, you have the sheer independence to decide about how long or little time you wish to spend at a location. This means that if you love history then you can spend ample time exploring historic gems and visiting museums.

Besides this, you can take as many photos as you like in your own time, spend some time at the corner café sipping coffee or just relaxing without feeling guilty of making others wait.

    • Interact with the Locals

Without a travel partner and no one to focus your attention on, you can also interact with other travellers and locals more often. Interacting with other people can truly make your holiday more enriching as travellers and locals can make recommendations of interesting sites, activities and food that you need to try while you’re there.

Apart from that you can also learn a lot about the holiday site, its culture and history from the locals thereby getting more exposure to an authentic and unique perspective that goes beyond what is written in the guidebook.

    • Build Your Confidence

Travelling solo can actually help introverts build their confidence greatly and it is one of the best ways to become more friendly and overcome shyness. When you’re travelling alone and in a new place, you have to singlehandedly navigate through the country, find ways to overcome communication barriers by striking conversations with random people, solve problems like reading the city map, learning about the public transport and more. All this gives you a renewed sense of independence, accomplishment and help you build your confidence as you learn new things about yourself and your capabilities.

    • Save Money with Full Financial Control

What happens in most cases is that when you’re travelling with a group of friends, you need to keep up with them in several ways. Perhaps flying first class and checking in to a five star hotel which may be unsuitable for your plans.

However, travelling solo is often easier and more affordable. In fact, you’ll be surprised how much money you can actually save by travelling alone. There is no one to keep up with or to impress and you can curtail your expenses by staying within your budget and not over exceeding it.

You can save a great deal of money on a fancy hotel, luxury or a waterfront room and fly in economy instead of business class. You can choose hotel that is within your budget and explore your travel destination with freedom and no strings attached. And you never know….you might end up saving for other adventurous trips. In other words, travel, enjoy and explore the way you want and how you want with complete financial control and more importantly without putting a big dent on your pocket because as a solo traveller you get to make your own decisions without being influenced by preferences of other travellers on the trip with you.

Now that we have shared with you the great joys of travelling solo, we hope that you’re now all set and ready to explore your dream destination on your own with confidence and no fears or worries. Take the risk because the return you’ll get is something that you’ll cherish for life.

Word of Advice: You don’t always have to go solo….but you should try it once. You’ll not just discover a new corner of the world but also a whole new you.

Happy Travelling!